Welcome to the world of Larks foodies.

Larks is all about bringing people together to share food cooking experiences.

We started this project in March 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. As more and more of us moved online to connect and communicate we decided to start teaching cookery classes over zoom.  At the core of our ethos, we want people to connect over food.  So, our classes are small in size (usually a max of 12 on a cookery class) and we encourage conversation, questions and want people to engage and chat whilst learning and creating wonderful food.

We have the most amazing community of foodies who join us regularly on our classes.  Our Chefs are wonderful, they love what they do and their passion comes across in every class.  Meeting these wonderful people through the Larks journey has been brilliant, it’s most definitely the best part of what we do.

We are a team of five, supported by our amazing and wonderful families, who all, thankfully, love great food too.

We work with over 40 chefs and have run hundreds of classes in the last year. It’s been great fun, hard work, but incredibly rewarding.  We love seeing people enjoy our classes, especially those who join us for the first time.  The feedback is resoundingly positive.

We hope you join us on this journey, either as a Chef or as a guest learning to create some wonderful new dishes.

Clodagh, Michelle, Kris, Ryan, Caroline